Roles as defined in the Code of Practice

The personal tutoring system at the University of Leicester allows for Departmental variation under a common framework provided by the Code of Practice.

Defined roles exist (click on the titles to see the responsibilities):

⩔ Personal tutors

  • Ensure they meet with their tutees within the first two weeks of their first year.
  • Ensure they meet with their tutees at least 4 times a year.
  • Engage with mandatory and optional training opportunities.
  • Help students understand departmental and university procedures.
  • Signpost and refer students to relevant services.
  • Undertake other such duties relating to student support as may be determined by the Head of Department.
  • Keep a record of meetings with tutees.
  • Discuss academic feedback with tutees.

⩔ Tutees

  • Respond to contact from personal tutors and other key staff.
  • Be-proactive in seeking support.
  • Make appropriate preparations for personal tutor meetings and tutorials.

⩔ Senior tutor(s) in a Department

  • Allocate tutees to tutors
  • Support tutors who need assistance supporting a student
  • Support tutors own workplace well-being when impacted by personal tutoring
  • Support students who wish to change their personal tutor
  • Support students who wish to escalate their concerns
  • Liaise with partner departments for joint honours and major/minor students, ensuring adequate support is provided.
  • Monitor the personal tutor system, and compile reports to the College Tutor
  • Circulate departmental guidelines and Code of Practice to tutors and tutees.
  • Share relevant information about tutees with tutors
  • Provide cover in the absence of a tutor

⩔ College Senior Tutor

  • Monitor the implementation of the personal tutor system across the college departments
  • Compile report for the College Academic Director
  • Provide opportunities to share good practice across the college
  • Organise opportunities for staff and students to evaluate the personal tutor system.